CAMPER - TWINS by Isamaya Ffrench (2018) 

Camper and makeup artist Isamaya Ffrench team up for Spring/Summer 2018 with a music-inspired TWINS Artists collaboration celebrating the 30th anniversary of our iconic TWINS. Masumi choreographed and appeared in this campaign video. 

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Louisa Martin, SIREN (2017)

Co-choreographed with and performed by Masumi Saito. Exhibited at Jerwood Space for Jerwood Staging Series 2017, supported by Jerwood Charitable Foundation and Arts Council England.

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DISINTERGRATION for async International short film competition (2017)

Masumi and Guy Wigmore has made a film DISINTERGRATION for the async Short Film Competition, in which Ryuichi Sakamoto ask filmmakers to create a movie around his music from his album async.

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KYOTO - VSCO and 23.5 (2016)

Masumi was featured in VSCO and 23.5 present  KYOTO by director Alan Algee. The 17 minute short introduces a larger project dedicated to an exploration of the city and its unique position at the intersection of ancient and contemporary worlds.


Museum × KNZ Fringe Japan (2015) 

Forest Fringe delivered a major 4-week residency project in collaboration with 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art in Kanazawa, Japan. As part of the residency, performance artist Scottee has invited Masumi for collaboration for his piece.


Sayaka Maruyama

Japanese phtographer Sayaka Maruyama and Masumi has been a long time collaborator. They've met in London and has created numerous number of photographic project together both in UK and Japan. 


MOTHER The Birth of Gravity (2012) 

Masumi dances for Yuriko Takagi in BIRTH OF GRAVITY. Shot on location at the old sake brewery, Nakanojyo Town, Japan. Created exclusively for MOTHER in sakura season 2012. 


Sacre/ilège (2013) 

As part of the centenary celebrations for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring the film formed part of a larger collage piece – Sacre/ilège. The complete Sacre/ilège project is a compilation of 5 distinct video-collages, each composed of 13 different screendance works representing the full duration of Stravinsky and Nijinksy’s orchestral-ballet work.