The video collage Sacre/ilège(s)





As part of the centenary celebrations for Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring the film formed part of a larger collage piece – Sacre/ilège. The complete Sacre/ilège project is a compilation of 5 distinct video-collages, each composed of 13 different screendance works representing the full duration of Stravinsky and Nijinksy’s orchestral-ballet work. 
Working with Guy Wigmore we’d previously submitted films to The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy and were invited to participate in the project. Their film opens version (S) and was chosen as the official version to be shown at festivals around the world (List below)

-American Dance Festival
-SEDA Cordoba Semana del Audiovisual – Cordoba, Argentina
-International Festival of Videodanse de Bourgogne.