Movement Diary





Movement Diary

Movement Diary began as something task-like, to force us to create. During a year in Japan we thought it was a perfect opportunity to do something throughout, to record the year through movement.

We try to fit the movement diary production into our daily life, to take the camera out and shoot to reflect what we’re doing at the time. The movement also reflects this, showing how Masumi feels on that day, both physically and mentally; how’s the weather, what else is happening in our lives.

The locations are chosen to make an interesting image each time, so the collection of films is like looking through a photo album. It’s important to keep making.

All the films follow a simple set of rules and the same format: 1 minute of improvised movement with no edits. The simple rules of the project encourage expression, honesty and risk-taking. We want to push an alternative form of expression, a way to share your feelings in a way that is open and vulnerable, and cuts through the glaze of social media.

In 2017, we’ve taken a completely different approach to the project which began in Nakanojo in 2015. Looking back over my improvised movements and moments, taking elements and turning it into a choreographed performance. Movement Diary has been re-developed into live performance for Nakanojo Biennale 2017. 

There are a couple of excerpts below but you can see the full project at MovementDiary.com


Selected still images and videos from project