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In Praise of Shadows




“うつろいまどう” (Utsuroi Madou – In Praise of Shadows) is a performance commissioned by Nakanojo Biennale for their exhibition 山に笑ふ。(Yama ni Warau) at an old sake brewery, now an art space, in Nakanojo. It’s a 40 minute site-specific theatre performance directed and choreographed by Masumi Saito.

concept text below:
I made 6 different scenes to show different aspects and interpretations of shadows. Another life you didn’t choose to live, a partner you could have had or a child that was never born; your own shadow following you everywhere.
I wanted to create something gives the feeling of watching a film, or a collection of films cut up and put back together.

Commissioned by Nakanojo Biennale
Directed and performed by Masumi Saito
Lighting and Soundscape by Guy Wigmore
Documentation photography by Koya Yamashiro
Gunma, Japan 2016