A collection of seven short films, WATASHI is the result of a collaboration between movement artist Masumi Saito and film-maker Guy Wigmore. Stepping away from live performance, this project gave Masumi the opportunity to create something both permanent and accessible. Presented new freedoms as well as new challenges, the resulting films on this disk show us a varied and fascinating picture of an artist in motion.
Unlike her mostly improvised performances working with film was challenging a different, requiring planning, collaborating and choreographing. To choreograph for the screen was completely different working within the constraints of the frame instead of the dimensions of the stage. Masumi consciously made a collection of films with different elements and feelings. One of the film 'Michi' from the collection  have been really influential in my Movement Diary project because of its simplicity and honesty. 



Hitori is a Japanese word meaning one person or alone. Experimenting with movement, repetition and ritual; this film imagines the life of one person, isolated and alone. 
Music: Junya Yanagidaira  Costume: Gabriella Gower


"MICHI" can be translated as road, way, or unknown in Japanese. A meditation on location, identity and fate, MICHI was shot on various different locations around the UK, Masumi's adopted home country.
Official selection for the International VideoArt Festival “Now&After” Moscow, Russia. Part of the DVD collection Watashi. Music: Oren Marshall


SE is extracted from Masumi Saito's film collection WATASHI. Directed by Guy Wigmore and with body illustrations from Tomohiro Muramatsu, SE is a macro inspection of the body soundtracked by Aches.
Body Paint: Tomohiro Muramatsu Music: Aches