告知 - Performance at Asia Triennial Manchester Opening Night


Fri 5 Oct 2018, 18:30, Room 2 (Event 18:00-21:00)

at HOME Manchester ( 2 Tony Wilson Place, Manchester )


I will be presenting a commissioned performance work for Asia Triennial Manchester 2018 Opening Night at HOME Manchester. My 30mins performance is reflected their provocation of ‘who do you think you are?’

I first began to think about the festival theme WHO DO YOU THIK YOU ARE ? in the most literal way as possible. This prompted images of a mirror in the performance. Mirrors not only reflect reality in a perceptual way but also symbolize both a physical and spiritual reflection. In a performance, it amplifies the differences in society, with all its colors, customs and roles, in a hyper-realistic way. 

Previously I have used the motif of mirrors without a conscious continuity. This time I’m casting the mirror as the main subject and placing it under the spotlight. From previous experience of featuring mirrors in performances, I’m interested in how audiences react and relate to their image reflected onto the flat surface. Some become curious to explore the surroundings and their body within the performance but most of people find it uncomfortable. Some get so self conscious and refuse to find their reflection. Audiences often don’t like to take their safe place away and become part of the work without permission. Using a mirror allows me to change their view and participation in art without needing their consent.  This is my other response to the theme WHO DO YOU THIK YOU ARE ?
I would like to create a visual impact, changing the space by altering audience’s perception. 

Many pioneering artists have incorporated a reference to mirrors in their work.
I would like to propose a performance with theatrical elements . I believe that is what makes my performance work differently to existing work by those influential artists. To me it is important to make something to jolt the audience’s emotions and memories rather than keeping it installational.

今度、10月5日 アジアトリエンナーレ マンチェスター 2018 のオープニングイベントにてパフォーマンスします。お話を頂き、フェスティバルのコンセプトに基づき私なりの作品を発表します。ここのみで観られる作品になります。マンチェスター近郊にお住いの方は是非足をお運び下さい。

Masumi Saito

masumi saito