Music Videos




okamotonoriaki - Candy

Collaboration film project for new album IIKO by okamotonoriaki.
We were so inspired by the locations and quickly shot this video spontaneously to Candy.
Stunning composition in the nature and simplicity of beauty is what we wanted to translate.

video by okamotonoriaki + Masumi Saito


okamotonoriaki - BookWeathercock

Collaboration film project for new album IIKO by okamotonoriaki.
Masumi choose the song BookWeathercock to dance to in the still functioning station locate in the deepest underground in Gunma, Japan.

video by okamotonoriaki + Masumi Saito
guest Vocal - fraqsea
clothing by Jens


Andi Otto-Bangalore Whispers (feat. MD Pallavi)

Improvised movement work for Bangalore Whispers  by Andi Otto and MD Pallavi, a singer from South India.
Video was shot by Noriaki Okamoto and Ryosuke Kikuchi in a wooden school building trapped in time in rural Japan.



Masumi perform in this video as a main performer. 
The video won more than 10 awards include Cannes Lions, 18th LA International Short Film Festival and 13th Miami Short Film Festival and official selected at many prestigious film festivals in the world. 
Directed by Bouha Kazmi



Sentry - Station Crucial

It was directed by Masumi and Guy Wigmore brushes a succession of 4-bar phrase haikus, jump-cutting images of Masumi dancing amidst red autumn leaves and asphalt-coated sceneries by turns. Sophisticated and playful, Saito and Wigmore’s architecturally splendid rendition of Sentry’s murky grinder is a breath of fresh air in the monolithic imagery that’s too often attached to an unadventurous techno scene. 
Screened at FLATLANDS Dance Film Festival 2016


Roots Manuva - It's On

Shot on the Dungeness beaches, ‘It’s On’ is set in a dream matrix like world which features Roots Manuva & 3 beautiful Japanese female characters dressed like gothic lolitas in geisha style make up. They have a haunting presence & launch into an amazing choreographed dance routines & movements using a hip hop street style mixed with a classical edge. Ballet & contemporary meets street dance & krumping.
Directed by Ben Newman


Benga - Open Your Eyes

The video for 'Open Your Eyes' draws on the lyrics of the song featuring a voodoo priest character 'taking control' of 2 dancers cast as rough sleepers. As the spell twists their souls they eventually give in and embrace his dark power -- their Tribal energies take over.