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Watashi is a collection of 7 films, all with original sound, that I made with my partner Guy Wigmore. Being a movement artist it’s hard to explain or show what you do, unlike a musician I can’t record a song. I made this collection of films to show who I am and what I do. Live performance is my medium but it’s really hard to capture that performance. Just filming the stage does not translate the performance well enough, so much can be missed.

Unlike my mostly improvised performances working with film was challenging a different, requiring planning, collaborating and choreographing. To choreograph for the screen was completely different working within the constraints of the frame instead of the dimensions of the stage.

I consciously made a collection of films with different elements and feelings and my favourite changes over time. Currently i really like Michi the simplicity and honesty of that piece have been really influential in my Movement Diary project.