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Part 1

I am featured in this beautiful film series KYOTO by Alan Algee, presented by VSCO and 23.5.  The film is set in two parts, one in daytime and the other at night. It shows different faces of the magical place, Kyoto. We took the organic process of collaborating, while the director Alan explores the city through the lens, I interpretate what’s in the air into movement. The outcome was extraordinary and each different face of Kyoto’s beauty  mesmerises me.


Part 2 

Below Text from interview between director Alan Algee and 23.5.

She just has the gift to dance at the drop of a hat and to incorporate all the nuances of her surroundings in her expression — a pure artist and talent.

Masumi’s sensitivity to her environment is her genius. She connects with its pulse and vibration while personifying it in dance. It was immediate and improvisational and much more magical to see in person. When in Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine she began to channel the Fox Inari God. It was really intense and amazing. When we shot the opening scene in Rakuhokurenge-ji Temple, which I believe was her most humbling moment, she later told me her motivation for that space was simply to do an honorific movement of thanks for allowing such access to a sacred place.

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